Raise the Vibration

of your business.


Designing, connecting, and simplifying the systems you need to grow your small business.


Raise the Vibration

of your business.

Designing, connecting, and simplifying the systems you need to grow your business.

How many times have you wished someone would just explain it to you or, even better, do it for you?

Carolyn Witt and Sasquatch

That’s me, I’m your someone.

Hi, I’m Carolyn. I’ve been supporting Alternative Health Practitioners, Wellness Coaches, and Holistic Healers for over 8 years. And, I’d like to help you too.

Whether you are just starting or you have an established business, if you feel overwhelmed with the technical pieces of your website, course, or systems and automation… the Universe has delivered you to the right place.

I’m the how for your why.

Let’s shift the belief that running successful online business has to be overwhelming.

Work With Me


Each high-touch support experience includes a strategy session and, depending on your unique need, a step-by-step process that helps you strategize and prepare your content, as well as follow-up email support.


Personalized, clean, and professional 3-4 page website that clearly reflects your business and attracts your ideal client


Content setup, brand cohesiveness, and setup of your course, payment processor, and email nurture sequence


Freebie design, such as an eBook or 3-part video series, simple landing page, and setup of delivery and automation funnel


A punch list of techy to-dos. Automation, funnels, website updates, and more. Make a list and let’s get them done.

With every project, I guide you through the entire process, teaching you as much (or as little) as you would like to learn. Complete with tutorials for future reference.

Systems I Recommend

These are the most common systems I work with and/or recommend. My favorites for each category are noted with an asterisk. Don’t see yours listed? Send me a quick email to check. It’s likely I’m familiar. Affiliate links included below.

Email Marketing

Creative Design

Landing Page Design

Appointment Scheduling + Payment Processing

Course Design / Membership Setup

Website Design

Using a system you don’t see here? Send me a quick email to check. It’s likely I’m familiar.

My entire experience with Carolyn was just amazing!

Alexandra Polkowske

She helped me by building and re-designing my brand that is truly aligned with me. The questions asked while going through the intensive helped me stay focused on the project we were working on but also allowed so much space for my creativity to flow to express myself. Carolyn helped me with making my brand, website, and course offering a reality.
—Alexandra Polkowske, Wellness with Alix

Supporting You



To discuss the details of your needs, strategize and review any pre-work.

Guided Pre-work

A guided process, detailed questionnaire, or checklist to help you organize and prepare.

Pre-Implementation Strategy

A forty-five minute session to review completed pre-work and finalize details.


8 hours dedicated to your project. We work one-on-one and you walk away with tangible results.


An hour of revisions are included for final tweaks to our completed work before backup and delivery.

Additional Support

Follow-up email support and tutorials for any questions related to our finished work together.

*Each experience is unique and what is accomplished during implementation is customized to your specific needs. Each full experience includes 8 hours of dedicated 1:1 implementation. It does not include a guaranteed set of deliverables. Half-day experiences (4 hours) are also available and are perfect for Tech Support Punch Lists.

You may also stack experiences. For example, Alix stacked three, Brand Design + Website Design + Course Setup, which would be (3) 8-hour experiences. Book your additional full experiences at the same time and receive $200 off each. We can review this further during your consultation.

Guided Support Experience

Even if you aren’t ready to implement right away, let’s chat and get you in the schedule.
Spaces are limited and book quickly. Half-days are also available.

Client Love


Kim Bushore-Maki

Thank God I found Carolyn!

As a passionate, driven entrepreneur with a big vision, organizational details and systems felt like a weight around my neck. I felt so bogged down that I actually became paralyzed with overwhelm.

Kim Bushore-Maki
Shakti in the Mountains

Courtney Townley

Carolyn saved me…literally.

The vision I have for my business actually feels possible now that I have Carolyn in my corner! She is incredibly organized, smart, timely and goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding results.

Courtney Townley
Grace & Grit

Michelle Bouton

I have to make very calculated decisions as to where to spend my available time and money.

My choice to work with Carolyn has been one of the most effective decisions I have made, both in terms of cost and my time.

Michelle Bouton
Appalachian Acupuncture and HERBalachia


Carolyn’s meticulous work ethic and lovely energy make her an absolute asset to anyone’s team.

During our work together she kept me focused and in a positive state of mind while still moving forward towards our working goal.

Christine Werbenuk
Polished Mentoring

About Me


Carolyn Witt
Carolyn Witt

At my core, I’m a teacher, a quiet leader, and… a bit of a rebel.

I created my virtual assistant business in 2013, thriving on helping small business owners to grow their business and simplify their systems. My clients rave about how supported they feel and love my teaching tutorials. And, I adore empowering them.

I specialize in alternative health and wellness businesses, however, if you believe in heart counts over head counts and the power of stillness, we are likely a good fit.

On a personal note, I delight in the summer rain, ground in the warm sun, sleep in, and am mesmerized by the crackling of a campfire. Currently on a farm in SW Virginia, by way of Florida, I have two spoiled-rotten furbabies, our 7lb yorkie, Sasquatch, and our rescue, Bumble.

My partner inspired my early wellness curiosity as I searched for a way to help him navigate his healing journey and then, my clients continued to inspire me. This led to certifications in Reiki, EFT, and Mindfulness.

More Love


Jen B.

Having Carolyn on my team is like getting a whole team condensed into 1 person.

She is so organized and makes it easy to communicate about what needs to be done. Carolyn makes it easy to submit tasks to her and she’s great with feedback and follow up on the work she is doing.

Jennifer Blumenthal
Seduction of Soul


I love my site!!

I’m not afraid of DIY, but I could never have put together the kind of design that Carolyn created for me. Her process ensured that even though I felt less than clear about what I wanted, I ended up with an amazing site that’s beautifully aligned with the vibe of my business.

Wendy Limbert
Popcorn Coaching


I don’t build websites…..Carolyn does!

As a business/life coach, I am constantly advising my clients to not get caught up in the business of what is NOT their business! Carolyn was a life saver. Look no further for a web master. She is all you need.

Sharon Kavanagh
Win The Day Coaching


Here’s the thing… the truth is none of this would have happened without her help.

Carolyn gracefully helped me figure out how to delegate tasks to her, she was so patient with me and found every way she could to make my life easier and less stressful.

Jennifer Knollenberg
LowCarb Power

Are you ready to feel supported?

Professional Design


Pre-Guided Design Experience. Sites that do not link have since changed.

Professional Design


Pre-Guided Design Experience

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